Investment In KSA
Associated investment closely the level of economic performance, and plays an important role its impact multiplier on all aspects of the economy and its sectors, investment is working to promote economic growth, and diversify sources of income, and provide new job opportunities, and technology transfer and indigenization, export development, and closer trade ties; representing a fundamental pillar in achieving the objectives of the overall economic development.

In the context of striving to achieve more progress and prosperity economic make Saudi Arabia - great efforts to diversify the economic base, and improving the investment environment, and represent it in the serious steps for economic reform, and what was the 10 by 10, but a model an applied approach to the development of the investment environment in the Kingdom, where translates the program to see the General Investment Authority to raise the Kingdom internationally competitive in attracting investment capital and energy Banners link between East and West, as well as the embodiment of its message, which focused on the importance of establishing a healthy work environment attractive addition to providing comprehensive services to investors.

There are a number of reasons to invest in a number of strategic sectors where they have Saudi Arabia high comparative advantages, Soaaly level region Oalm, Kingdom is ranked first in the world in terms of lower energy prices, which is a competitive advantage for investment projects that depend on energy.

Overall, investment in Saudi Arabia realizes local and foreign projects high profit rates, with low risk exposures

For the global economy

Saudi Arabia is the largest free economic market in the Middle East. It holds 25% of the GNP Arab adding that Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserves in the world estimated (25%) and provide energy for investment projects at low rates at the level of all countries in the world which makes the Kingdom an ideal destination for projects that depend on energy consumption , as well as natural resources in the mining sector, and the geographical location of the Kingdom makes them easy access to the markets of Europe, Asia and Africa, and enjoy its high purchasing power market

To benefit from these geographic advantages Saudi Arabia to set itself three strategic objectives

Focus on Saudi Arabia World Energy Capital The related industries discovery and production of crude oil, and basic industries of petro-chemical materials, and mineral ores, electricity and water, all that strong investment factors of the Saudi economy.

Take advantage of the geographical location in the heart of the Middle East focusing on the transport sector and logistics services, this geographical advantage to make it a point of contact between the three continents making it easy to access and mobility for more than 250 million consumers in a time period not to exceed three hours.

Focus on knowledge-based industries such as health care and life sciences, education, information technology, these industries catalysts necessary for sustainable development. Sustainable development

I have put Saudi Arabia in front of a challenge to become one of the top ten economies most competitive in the world by the end of 2010, and that makes them the target place for investors and companies that want to benefit from the advantages of investing in the Kingdom. The focus on telecommunications infrastructure, and modern transportation methods, and industrial clusters on the latest technology and provide training opportunities and commitment to economic efficiencies, contribute to the development of society with all elements of the high life.

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